Brief & Submission

Competition Brief

Competition Brief will be e-mailed to the registered participant through the Corresponding/Principal's e-mail upon complete registration and payment.


Submission Requirements

Please refer to the following list of required documents for submission purpose :

1. Completed submission form – Appendix A
2. The Unique Registration Number (URN) should be used and indicated in all submissions and drawings.
3. Master Plan detail drawings – 4 AO size landscape format

  1. Names, logo and affiliation should not appear anywhere on the displayed/front page; and
  2. Each page should have the Unique Registration Number (URN) indicated at the back of each submitted drawing; and
  3. Each page should be numbered no. 1 to no. 4 according to preferred sequence at the back of each submitted drawing.

 4. Executive Summary of the proposal – maximum 1000 words

  1. Overall Master Plan strategy (the big picture)
  2. Names, logo and affiliation should not appear anywhere; each page should have the Unique Registration Number (URN) and page number.

5. Master Plan proposal report – A3 size landscape format hardbound in word document containing the following items:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Detail report on the 10 Focus of the UM Master Plan.
  3. Master Plan detailed drawings (item 3) but to be reduced into A1 size each.
  4. Any other related drawings and documents.
  5. The format should be hardbound black, A3 size landscape format, no name, logo and affiliation should appear in the report and only the title and the URN should be appear at the front page of the report.

 6. CD containing digital file;

  1. Signed copy of the submission form (Appendix A)
  2. All 4 A0 size Master plan drawings and any related drawings (in both .dwg and .pdf formats) (item 3)
  3. Executive summary in word format (item 4)
  4. Master plan proposal report in pdf format (item 5)
  5. Summary of submission following the publication format as per Appendix B.
    Note: Source file of all illustrations in jpeg and png format at 600dpi

7. Submission deadline is on 31 st October 2016 at 5pm. The secretariat will commence receipt of submission entries from 24 th of October 2016 during office hours. All submissions to be made at Administration Office, Level 8, Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya.


Disclaimer and Copyright

UM retains ownership of all submitted documents and design proposals. These will not be returned to competitors. UM reserves the right to exhibit or publish all entries without cost, any use will be properly credited to the team subject to anonymity of competition process. All competition submissions can be used by UM for press, exhibition, publication or other purposes. By submitting an entry, each competitor here by grants UM a worldwide perpetual royalty – free license, with the right to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, make derivative works of, sublicense, and otherwise use any submitted entries or any part thereof.