Awards & Prizes

The Awards and Prizes


The Jury Awards

Two (2) Top Finalists

: RM 30,000 each  + Plaque + Certificate


Five (5) Special Mention Prizes

: RM 6,000 each + Certificate


UM Community Choice Award

One (1) UM Community Choice Award

: RM 7,000 + Certificate



 Criteria for Assessment

1. The Jury Awards

The Jury shall evaluate the entries based on the following criteria:


  1. Addresses the 10 Focus outlined in the UM Master Plan brief
  2. Integration of the proposal with the existing context and infrastructure
  3. Design excellence

2. UM Community Choice Award

For the UM Community Choice Award, the winner will be based on the highest online vote received from UM staff and students. The online voting will commence from 9 th to 30 th November 2016. All finalists are eligible to win both Jury and UM Community Choice awards.