List of Masterplan Finalist

 Finalist Number 7


Executive Summary


UM is not an ordinary university.

  • We do not build this master plan in a normal ways (site clearance and build).
  • If we keep doing the ’normal ways’, one day, UM Rimba Ilmu will be gone.
  • The idea is, to build on the ‘damage’ area, along on top of the main existing roads.
  • We call it - ‘The Connector’.
  • ‘The Connector’ is a huge structure.
  • ‘The Connector’ contains all spaces required by University of Malaya.
  • Existing ‘ordinary’ building will be demolished, the existing site of the demolished building will be replanted with trees, and ‘Rimba Ilmu’ will be greater again!
  • UM – to gain autonomy power.
  • 5 plots of land have been determined and potentially can be develop, JV or sell to get funded.
  • UM in ‘total control’ to these 5 plots to be developed. The existing ground won’t be disturbed, build it on ‘stilts’.