List of Masterplan Finalist

 Finalist Number 5


Executive Summary


University of Malaya Ecomasterplan as a Unified Linked Pedestrian City

  1. Why our master plan is the best scheme?
    The scheme focus on people, and gives them a seamless covered walkway that links all the buildings and unifies the campus. A series of sky-plazas along the skywalk provides hangout spaces for the students, staffs as well as the visitors.

  2. How can we achieve this?
    Our master plan ensures clearly defined pedestrian routes with above ground skywalks and ground level walkway. These two levels of pedestrian walkways are integrated by various vertical movement systems of escalators and elevators at intervals for all the key zones. The scheme will be free from private vehicles, where people can move around the campus with various alternative mode of transport either by walking, cycling, tram system, EV shuttle and buggy system. There will be no usage of non-renewable fuels for internal transports for the University. Renewable energy for the master plan development includes the provision of PV farm to ensure efficient energy harvesting.

  3. What makes our design motivating, topical and relevant?

    A) The creation of pleasureable and happy spaces for students to hang out within the campus.The scheme also looks into innovative and fun ways for teaching and learning between the staffs and students. With a 100% on-campus living, this scheme ensure a more vibrant and attractive environment for quality lifestyle.

    B) Towards a vehicular system and pedestrian systems of tomorrow, this Master Plan will encourage a car-free lifestyle in a walkable campus setting. The introduction of the Sky Walk as part of the series of inter-connected pedestrian systems on various levels - that are connected with travellators and served by vertical movement systems (elevators, escalators and staircases) and ramps - with promenades and sub-plazas ensures a seamless and exciting journey for students, staffs and visitors to move around the campus.

    C) Making the site green through landscape ecological and biodiversity enhancement
    A prestigious academic/ research instutution recognise the value of setting their buildings within high quality biodiverse landscape. Through this Master Plan, we help to create an emblematic landscape with a continuous green fingers extending from the ‘green heart’ of the campus - Rimba Ilmu - throughout the site. These ecological corridors will be connected to the creation of a new greenway extending north and south from the campus, and linking various components of Kuala Lumpur’s ‘green arc’.

    D) Public Realm and Cultural Aspects
    Seamless shaded walkway, dedicated cycling lane and creative wayfinding are part of the features in this master plan to ensure an efficient and pleasureable movements. This scheme will also create as a popular learning and sight-seeing destination for the public, where they can discover and enjoy what the University of Malaya can offer, from the architecturally significant landmarks, arts and cultural events and spaces, to the ecological corridors within the University and external connections.

    E) Smart Campus
    The scheme looks to the future with various high-technology and Smart Campus applications [eg. Internet of Things (IOT)] that will provide a high quality of living. It will be an exemplary Smart Campus using IT to benefit the students’ and staffs’ lifestyle such as for security, traffic, recreation, entertainment, safety, tourism and ecological sustainability. The scheme also encourages cashless community for all types of transactions from local transportation, library access and books, bursary distribution, buying meals, printing, and other facilities and services.

    F) Energy and Water System
    The proposed Master Plan looks into the integration of ground level landscape, vertical and rooftop landscape and SuDS systems throughout the campus with SMART technologies to provide an Energy, Water and Biodiversity-Optimised landscape.