List of Masterplan Finalist

 Finalist Number 3


Executive Summary


Our Master Plan for UM by incorporating the following IDEAS will create a very vibrant and unique Centre of Tertiary Studies, a University with a soul and fully in line with the exacting demands of the modern DIGITAL AGE. It will strongly unite academic Theory with hands on Practice.

The provision of a major pedestrianised spine leading from the UNIVERSITY GATEWAY LRT STATION to the Central Campus District (CCD) will be a major contribution to UM.

Similarly the direct pedestrian access from the Jalan University MRT Station will also enhance the vibrancy of UM Campus life. This will totally transform the current dependency on vehicular transportation to get into and around UM and eliminate the severe traffic problem instantly, by transforming the campus into a more humane and pedestrian friendly layout. However we have not forgotten to introduce two new vehicular entrance points for UM, and at the same time redefine the essential ring road surrounding the campus. The ubiquitous automobile can of course have its use but movement and parking facilities must be judiciously provided as we have shown here.

To transform UM into a competitive and self-reliant campus it is important to introduce new business revenues for the campus.

Our planning solution in helping UM to eventual self-reliance will be fourfold.


by the introduction of a Centre for the Performing Arts there is a need to have a bigger space for exhibition and business in local & international level (we will introduce the RAFFLESIA Performing Arts Centre and Exhibition Space at the Twin International Business/Residential Towers) coupled with Research & Development (R&D) Park facilities. The Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world, serving as the architectural innovation.


The Prime Minister’s successful invitation to world renown digital entrepreneur wizard JACK MA to help Malaysia is given a prominent place in our master plan, not only for the vast Chinese investment and his e-commerce digital knowhow but equally important to provide inspiration to our students so that this country will eventually incubate lots of Jack Mas of world class standard. The UM will be world famous overnight! The research & development (R&D) work can be increased on campus, which will eventually spin off more industry-link funds to develop R&D activities in the University. A premier R&D Park is planned to be located directly next to the proposed International Business Tower Complex which will also have an Exhibition Centre& Convention Hall and digital high-tech shopping centre.


Our master plan provides for the creation of an Agriculture & Aquaculture Hub. This effort is not only to equip the students & future leaders with the know-how of the farming & fishery industries, but also instantly provide them with a platform to do business in the real world. FARMERS’ MARKET located in the agricultural Hub along the 2.4km pedestrian axis, easily accessible by students and the public from the new Seksyen 16 MRT Station at the north and the other 2 stations. The University, like all universities now must learn to be self-reliant as increasing government subsidies are drying up. Hence we have introduced the concept of the University’s Agricultural Faculty’s produce for sale to the public and its aquatics produce to grace our first class seafood restaurant and kelong. The nearby large seafood restaurants near the Jaya shopping district area shows how big the public demand is for such facilities.


A comprehensive SPORT CITY, where a full range of sporting facilities with indoor & outdoor sports facilities plus, housing and even hotel accommodations for visiting sportsmen is provided, and as mentioned, the uniqueness of our Sport City is that we have a forest nearby to carry out ecological jungle activities. All these will bring extra income for UM. However a University with ultra-urban facilities alone can be in danger of having no soul. Hence it is important to provide UM with a soul. We propose to light the spark for the soul which represents our country and instil in University of Malaya our National Unity, our Rich Culture & Heritage, and not forgetting reviving our rich agriculture & aquaculture industries. The 2.4km Cultural Heritage Walk Pedestrian Spine in the CCD will feature not only our forest, our fauna & floral, but also our ‘Pasar Malam’, our cultural dances of difference races in our country, the diverse range of our food, the miniature of our historical & modern buildings, and farmer market selling our local fruits & fishes. Colourful butterflies and our indigenous birds will fly in and out of the walk will be an endless delight for tourists and students alike.

Imagine a Walk that will bring you through the different time zones of Malaysia’s history; from the days of local farmers selling at road / river side, to the day when we start to depend on palm oil & rubber plantations (actual rubber & palm oil trees will be planted along the Heritage Walk), then the tin dredging ship duplicate will also be located along the Walk, culminating in the modern age of digital marvels located at the Industry Linked Research Hub. & hand phone shops will be located at the Landmark International Business / Residential Twin Tower Complex.


With careful planning and implementation for the new UM Master Plan presented, we have no doubt that our proud University of Malaya can once again be in the forefront of the World’s best Universities!